LiquidityBridge™ Aggregator

Aggregate, Target, Act

Automated aggregation of multiple fixed income markets enables you to make better decisions, capture fleeting opportunities, and lower your risk

In today’s fast-moving and fragmented fixed income markets, some of the most profitable trading opportunities may only exist for an instant, and might only be easily identified by aggregating price information across the entire market – electronic and otherwise.

LiquidityBridge™ Aggregator automates real-time comparison of prices from ECNs, market data vendors, street markets, and synthetic pricing. In addition, the Aggregator provides custom alerts notifying you of market activity, allowing you to act quickly and avoid unnecessary risk.

With LiquidityBridge™ Aggregator, you can design your own broad view of the market, drill down to see depth for an individual security across ECNs, and execute with a single point-and-click. As a result, you have access to the broadest possible market and are pricing from the most accurate data.



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