Trading Platform Solutions

TWS can help trading platforms and portals increase their revenues and the satisfaction of their customers by using LiquidityBridge to connect with their clients. 


Connecting to Clients with TWS Leads to More Revenue
Electronic trading platforms and trading portals work with TWS so that new clients can quickly connect to their platform and begin trading. Once connected via LiquidityBridge, clients can have confidence that their trades are properly flowing to and from the platform and tend to increase trade volume and participation. Trading platforms and portals have indicated that customers connected via LiquidityBridge have higher average trading volumes than those without a middleware solution.


TWS works with providers of order management systems (OMS) and position management systems so that customers can maximize full use of their products. Automating the selection of inventory and delivery of trades to these management systems optimizes their potential.


Working with TWS Results in Happier Customers
Trading platforms value the skill that TWS technologists possess to efficiently manage client implementations. Clients are well-informed throughout a connectivity project and find that TWS meets its deadlines with consistency and accurately anticipates their needs. The result is a hassle-free implementation that is completed in weeks, not months. Clients who use LiquidityBridge to connect their OMS to trading platforms are excited to work with experts who understand the systems at both ends of the bridge. 


TWS Allows Trading Platforms to Focus on Core Business
Trading platforms and portals who work with TWS can benefit from the reliability of LiquidityBridge, a market-proven solution that has been operating for four years and transmits millions of prices and thousands of trades on a daily basis.  The dependability of the product and our proactive customer support team frees the trading platforms and portals from worrying about client connectivity and allows them to focus on their core business.