Buy-side Solutions

Traditional fund managers, hedge funds, investment advisers and other buy-side firms can implement LiquidityBridge as a central part of their automation strategy, helping them to increase trading opportunities while reducing operating costs per trade.  


Connectivity to Multiple Liquidity Pools Leads to More Trading Opportunities: Buy-side firms can find nearly any connection they need in the LiquidityBridge Library enabling them to efficiently connect to trading platforms and other systems to deliver prices and inventory and capture resulting trades. TWS can also develop custom connections to proprietary or other systems. Buy-side firms may use LiquidityBridge to provide connections between Bloomberg’s Portfolio Order Management System (POMS) and fixed income trading platforms as well as regulatory, settlement or accounting systems. For the current list of adapters, see the LiquidityBridge Adapter Library.


Worry-Free STP Results in Lower Operating Costs and Higher Profits: LiquidityBridge eliminates the need to manually enter trades and reduces the cost of trade errors due to manual entry. As an added level of comfort and efficiency, clients receive alerts to confirm all systems are working or indicate when a problem occurs.


Fast Time to Market Enables Firms to Increase Opportunities and Save Costs Sooner: For firms adding a new platform or transitioning from a manual process, LiquidityBridge allows for a fast kick start for automation.  Firms with existing applications from two or three years prior discover that LiquidityBridge is ideally suited for carrying the current and expected volume resulting from the growth of electronic trading and market volatility.