LiquidityBridge™ Overview

LiquidityBridge™ automates the flow of financial security prices, orders and trades between electronic trading platforms and other systems. This robust solution helps financial firms to increase profits and enhance efficiencies in trade operations by providing a reliable straight through process for inventory distribution, order flow, and trade capture.  LiquidityBridge has standard adapters and capabilities for a variety of markets, including fixed income, futures, and foreign exchange.

Clients on both sides of the market can track, monitor and manage outbound and inbound flow using an intuitive user interface and a sophisticated alert system that automatically notifies clients of status and problems.  Please click on one of the links below for more detail on specific solutions:



Sell-side Solutions


Sell-side firms can find nearly any connection they need in the LiquidityBridge Library enabling them to efficiently connect to trading platforms and other systems to deliver prices and inventory and capture resulting trades. In addition, TWS can develop custom connections to proprietary or other systems. Either way, TWS can quickly help banks and broker-dealers increase trade flow, drive automation, and lower operating costs, all to help create a competitive edge.  more >>



Buy-side Solutions


Traditional fund managers, hedge funds, investment advisers and other buy-side firms can implement LiquidityBridge as a central part of their automation strategy, enabling them to increase trading opportunities while reducing operating costs per trade. more >>



Trading Platform Solutions


Electronic trading platforms and trading portals may use TWS to help new clients quickly connect to their platform and begin trading. Once connected via LiquidityBridge, clients can have confidence that their trades are properly flowing to and from the platform and tend to increase trade volume and participation.  From our experience working with etrading platforms and trading portals,  customers connected via LiquidityBridge have higher average trading volumes than those without a middleware solution. more >>

LiquidityBridge connects two or more distinct systems using a secure, high-speed communications engine and a comprehensive library of connectors.   For example, sell-side clients may use LiquidityBridge as a bi-direction hub that sends prices and inventory to trading platforms and portals.  The return trip in this scenario captures trades and delivers them to a 3rd party system such as Bloomberg’s Trade Order Management System (TOMS) or to an internal system.  Buy-side clients can use LiquidityBridge to send orders to platforms and/or to capture executed trades.